Why should you Reblock your House?

 Reblocking of the house is necessary to maintain the foundation, especially when signs of the base getting worn out start becoming visible. Many houses which have been standing on wooden stumps for years will require reblocking to strengthen the foundation. Stumps which get worn out over time due to soil conditions, termite attack or due to the gravity require reblocking so that the house foundation is strengthened for the next few decades.

Signs to check whether you need to reblock your house

  • Sloping Floors

    If the floors are uneven and have begun to the slope, then you must check the foundation by hiring the professional team.

  • Cracked walls and plaster

    If you happen to see cracked walls and plaster, it may be an indication that your house needs reblocking.

  • Creaking doors and windows

    If doors and windows are creaking and not opening or closing properly, then this may also be a sign that the house needs reblocking.

Reasons for Reblocking your house

  • To strengthen the foundation

    The most important reason to reblock your house is to strengthen the foundation. In order to avoid the base of the house to get degenerated, you should consider reblocking your house once the telltale signs start to appear.

  • To raise your home above flood level

    Reblocking isn’t only meant to strengthen the foundation but for other reasons as well. If your home is in a flood-prone area, you can consider reblocking to raise the level of your home to the safety point.

  • Creating extra space for living and storage

    By reblocking, the house can be raised enough to create extra storage and living space. There can be enough space for a lower apartment in the existing house, thus making extra storage and living space available.

  • Restoring foundation of old buildings

    Most old buildings have wooden or timber stumps in the foundation. These stumps wear out over the years due to weather conditions, soil conditions and termite attack. If you have an old house, it’s recommended that re-blocking should be done to restore the foundation by using modern stumps which will maintain the foundation for few decades.

Do You Need Professional Reblocking Services?

  • To understand whether you need re-blocking for your house, you must consult professional services so that an expert team can evaluate your house condition and give you proper guidance.
  • The professional team can check your stumps and assess how to repair or replace by re-blocking.
  • Hiring professionals for the re-blocking work will give you the right idea about the condition of your house.
  • Professionals can check the sign if any in your house which may indicate that re-blocking is required.
  • You can also take professional services to do maintenance of the foundation of your house.

Reblocking is the process of re-establishing or repairing the foundation by replacing older stumps. Stumps can be rot-free wooden, concrete or of galvanized steel. The best way to know if you should re-block your house is by consulting the professionals.

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