Why Do You Need Underpinning?

Our homes are a big part of our lives and lifestyle. Our permanent shelters are built on the foundations. So must ensure that the foundations of our homes should stay firm and strong. Any damage to the foundation can cause havoc to the structure and structural damage repair becomes essential. Uneven floors and cracks all around your home can be a clear sign of house foundation damage, contact professionals as soon as possible for house foundation repair and underpinning the house Apart from that there are also major signs and reasons that your property needs underpinning. We are listing a few reasons for why do you need underpinning.

Underpinning The House
Underpinning The House

Following are the reasons Your house need Underpinning


    This can be very problematic if you see your house or property leaning on either side. This is a dangerous sign which proves the amount of foundation damage and compromises the structural integrity of your home.


    A solid foundation provides a flat regular alignment to your homes. Compromise of the foundation level and slope can result in the problems with doors not getting closed properly.
    You should consider underpinning your house very soon.

  • WATER POOLS On your homes and around it

    Presence of water pools and stagnation of proper water flow can be caused either by lack of drainage or can also be a sign of foundation damage. Underpinning the house is very much needed if you see settlement and leak of water around your homes.


    If your homes are surrounded by trees, make sure that they are not growing very close to your house. Tree roots can actually grow long enough to read your homes and foundation and cause damage. If you see any signs of roots on your walls, basements or foundations hire professional experts for underpinning the house and remove the roots from the soil beneath.


With an experience of more than 10 years, Five-star Restumping, Australia has provided solutions to the problems associated with house foundation repair, underpinning the house or structural damage repair. If you fear that your house foundation is compromised and if you need an underpinning of the house, hire our services to get 100 % results guaranteed. Take care of your family by taking care of your homes.

Structural Damage Repair
Structural Damage Repair

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