Restumping Melbourne

What is restumping?

Restumping Melbourne is the process of jacking up the house in a manner that it becomes more weather resistant and strong. It’s the efforts by restumping companies to restore the foundational strength in a manner that it becomes more durable.  There is also leveling of the floors to make the house stand even. The most popular and best option when it comes to restumping these days is concrete stumps which are far better than wood or timber counterparts.

House Restumping Melbourne
House Restumping Melbourne

It is also possible that your house requires restumping only in certain areas and not all. While you might see some of your stumps decaying, there is the best possibility of other stumps too to get damaged after some time. Hence, it’s better to get all the stumps replaced at once.  While you too can watch out for signs, a good restumping inspector is the right person to suggest you the best course of action.

Go for Restumping Melbourne services immediately in order to avoid life threatening damage.

Why concrete stumps?

When it comes to choosing the best stumps for your house, there is nothing as better as concrete stumps. These are weather resistant stumps which are unaffected by the temperature extremities. Moisture too can cause no damage to them. It is for this reason that all the best restumping Melbourne companies use concrete stumps to give your foundations a complete makeover.

If you are wondering about how long does timber stumps last, then the answer might not make you very happy. Timber stumps usually have a short life and are not as durable as concrete stumps. Moreover, concrete stumps are also more cost-effective than the former. If you are going for home renovation, then it’s the best time to get your stumps replacement by an expert.

Restumping Melbourne Cost

Restumping Melbourne
Restumping Melbourne

Just like any other service, the cost of restumping also depends upon a number of factors. With Five Star Restumping by your side, you don’t have to worry about the same. We offer best restumping services at a very reasonable price. The general restumping Melbourne cost is around $500 to $700 per stump but it can vary depending upon a number of different factors. These are some of the things on which the cost depends-

  • Number of stumps which need to be installed
  • The size of the property
  • The type of soil and work that needs to be done
  • Any additional service
  • The type of stumps

Why you need house stump repairs?

Availing house stump repairs services becomes essential under certain conditions. If your house is 30 years older or more however, then you must go for restumping services without giving a thought. Here are some of the things you must watch out for and take action on time before the situation worsens-

House Needs Stump Repairs in Melbourne
House Needs Stump Repairs in Melbourne
  • If the floors are becoming slanting or uneven.
  • If you find there are cracks on your floors.
  • Beware if you find that the corners and surface of your plaster walls are cracking.
  • If you stay in coastal areas with high moisture content in the soil.
  • You cannot ignore restumping in case you are thinking of renovating your old house.
  • If you find that your house foundation is beginning to smell strange and unpleasant.
  • If you have timber or wood stumps from a very long time.


Our restumping Melbourne process

Restumping is usually a time-demanding and complex process. Completing it in a proper manner is essential to make sure that your house is structurally sound. It involves a brief report, thorough assessment, rebuilding and assessing.

Reporting and contracting

In a few visits, our expert will give you a detailed assessment about your foundation. This will include a number of things such as –

  • The number of stumps with damage.
  • What is the space between each stump
  • The potential risks and work required.
  • The building regulations which one must abide.
  • Removal of floorboards if necessary.
  • Deadline with start and finish date of the project.
  • Relevelling details if any of the floors.

Restumping- Initial stage

Restumping Initial Stage Melbourne
Restumping Initial Stage Melbourne

A geochemical engineer might test the soil on which your foundation stands. Our experts will then form an action plan and begin working on the same. Their main aim however, is to provide more stability to your residence. In case of any queries or questions, our experts will guide you personally and solve all the doubts which you might have.

Once the customer agrees to the contract and the report, a concretor or chemical engineer will start the work. Since, concrete stumps are best, they will use best quality concrete to give your home a strong foundation. The physical work is also carried out at this stage. The experts will remove the floorboards and carry out leveling of all the floors. Our team will discuss everything in detail before initiating the work to make you clear in advance about the process.

Restumping Melbourne – Final stage

The final result which you receive is a stable happy house with no risks. It will be free from structural damage. You will also receive the final report from our end. Since, we believe in quality services, what you will get is the best foundation. Our experts will do the clearing part too so that you don’t have to do anything.

Additional services

Restumping Services Melbourne
Restumping Services Melbourne

Sometimes there are special requirements of customers such as raising the house due to frequent floods or rain water entering the house. The customers also want to build a new basement which wasn’t there earlier. Your foundation can also sink into the top soil. All these things require restumping services. We at Five Star Restumping are expert in all types of restumping services and never hesitate to go extra mile to impress you with our services.

Why choose us?

  • We are known for best restumping services in Melbourne.
  • Our staff consists of experts who are excellent in their field.
  • We are always ready to help you out 24*7, even on weekends and public holidays.
  • Our engineers will give you an in-depth analyzation of your house and hence avoid disasters.
  • We believe in providing quality services at the best price.

Get in touch with us now by giving us a call now. We promise to make your home strong and durable. With quality being our main motto, you will never face any problems after restumping.