Building Permits

How to Get a Building Permit in Melbourne?

What is a Building Permit?

A building permit is usually a legal and official approval. It is taken from the recognized authorities to proceed with the construction project. Different countries have a different procedure for getting the permit. It is intended to ensure the fact that the project and plans comply with the local public.

Building Permits Melbourne
Building Permits Melbourne

Issues like structural integrity, zoning, sanitation, water and sewer lines, fire resistance etc are addressed in the permit files and documents. Like other places, Melbourne also has its own criteria and process of getting a legal building permit from the government.

Steps to Get a Building Permit in Melbourne

  • Collecting information

  1. A) Get your property information

Find and collect every kind of information possible, which may help you to plan your project.

  1. B) Determine restrictions to your projects:

Search thoroughly about the codes and limitations of factors such as building size limits, setbacks, parking requirements, life/safety requirement etc. Thus, this helps you to plan the project according to the restrictions or rules set by the government in the interest of the people.

  • File a permit application

    First of all, get a project number by filling a simple form available online. It is available on the official website of the government. Under the application form, you should upload a site plan as well as a complete legal description for your plan. Then, you will receive a confirmation email from the other end. After this, you will receive a preliminary application report that will include critical information like- whether you need a Design Review, SEPA etc.Building Permits

    If Melbourne government requires any improvements in your plan, then you have to submit the revised plan to them, at least 5-6 days prior to getting the permit, so that they may review it again.

    In case your project is in any environmentally critical areas, then you must get an exemption from the government as well.

    You may need a permit from other small agencies like- city light, Melbourne public utilities, department of transportation etc.

  • Submit your plans

    Screening of the project: Screening is available at the designated government office in Melbourne on a walk-in basis. Thus, this screening helps you to find the flaws in the application and makes sure that it is ready to receive a permit. After the review, you will receive an email informing you the fact that additional and corrected information can be uploaded into your portal.

  • Get the permit

    Pay the required fee according to the notification sent by the government of Melbourne and they will issue the permit to you.

    The government notifies you when they issue the permit; the final documents are available in the office as well as your project portal.Building Permits Melbourne

    The most important thing to notice is that the issued permit must be displayed on the project site.

  • The final stage

    Just complete the entire process by requesting a schedule of inception. This is the final stage. For this, you need to go on the official site and open the construction inspection page. Additionally, it will help you to schedule a day and date for the same.

    So, just by following above mentioned easy steps to get a building permit in Melbourne, you can turn your dream project into a reality.

Location: Melbourne, VIC Australia